Thursday, May 6, 2010

Venezianische Markt - Nürnberg

Recently Nürnberg, Germany played host once again to what they call the Venezianische Markt, or Venetian Market.
Nürnberg is Bavaria's second largest city.

Every year around May 1st, they have this celebration which includes all sorts of things Venetian...including gondolas of course.

Winding through Nürnberg's historic township,

the River Pegnitz is a perfect place for a gondola.
Because it's only 175km north of Bavaria, and therefore not too far from Wörthsee, Ingo Stahl came up with his gondola.

Jürgen Riegel and Norbert Jobst also came down from nearby Bamberg.
In addition, Ingo tells me they were joined this year by:
"...our new colleague, Uwe Kunze from Kiel with his new gondola, he purchased last Oktober in Venice."
Kiel is not near Bavaria.
In fact it's right next door to Denmark.
Congratulations go out to Uwe Kunze for his recent acquisition.
Hopefully we'll see and hear more about this gondola in the weeks to come.

Ingo sent me this link to a video piece on the "Venezianische Markt", the gondola portion shows some great views of Ingo and his gondola.

Thanks Ingo, for the video and the information used to build this post.

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