Sunday, December 20, 2009

Newport Beach Boat Parade, Night 5

After five nights, the 2009 boat parade in Newport Beach is over.
I've been on the water for this event for sixteen years now, and I believe our weather this year was the best so far.
At the end of the parade tonight, there was a professional fireworks display shot from one of the piers over the ocean, but visible from the harbor.
After it was all over, I headed over to Linda Isle to get one more look at that amazing house, and saw one of the parade boats docked in front. It seemed like the perfect ending photo for the series of Newport Boat Parade posts.

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Tamas Feher from Hungary said...

I think I've seen the that kind of giant figure in the background. It looks like the Coca-Cola polar bear ad, which actually waves its paw when turned on! Here it was mounted on a truck and kids were fascinated, totally ignoring old fat Santa.

Hmmm, what about adding red nose headlight inflatable reindeers in front of the gondola for next years boat show? Maybe put one on the foredeck if it can't fit otherwise.