Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Acqua Alta in the News

As we get into the Inverno time of year, the waters in Venezia rise now and then.
Here's a piece at on the most recent "Acqua Alta".

Time to break out the rubber boots and practice walking the plank.

To read more about Venice's perennial high-water problem, check out these two previous Gondola Blog posts:

Also, René at Venice Kayak took some terrific photos of a record high Acqua Alta last year, which you can see on his blog.

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Tamas Feher from Hungary said...

I think it is beyond rubber boots and planks this year. Very high water for three days in a row, that was unprecedented in Venice so far.

Here is a photo stream

(Today dawn was 150cm and hearing that news I decided to return in the spring, hopefully still seeing the city still in one piece...)