Monday, December 14, 2009

Adventures of the Lead Boat - Gettin' Ready

photos by Dawn and Samantha Reinard
As our "launch time" approached, everyone got more psyched for the row.
I mounted the clamp-on forcole in the "lai" and "sestina" positions, and loaded my snacks and such on the boat.
Tim came down with provisions (cups and wine), made sure the lights were working and the huge flag wasn't going to fall off halfway through the parade. Phil got himself situated and Andrew (our on-board horn player) warmed up his instrument.

I noticed that we were missing one guy, Chris - who came rowing in with passengers as things were just about ready.

Tim walks down with wood for forcola mounting.

Making sure the "sestina" forcola is solid.
photo by Samantha Reinard

The flag of La Serenissima, flying proudly from the stern, was both eye-catching and radar-catching. There was some concern about having enough visibility once it got dark. Nobody ran into us though, I think it was our rowing ability, but it could have also been due to the large radar signature our huge flag was creating.

Here's a nice video clip of the flag, with Chris coming in to dock.

Some press staff were there to interview and take some photos, we all hit the bathroom one last time, and stuffed a little more food in our mouths.

Raising our remi for the press photo.

Here are a couple clips taken right before departure.

Tim brought out some red sashes he'd set aside for the occasion.
We tied them on and shoved off.
Three hours of solid team-rowing were ahead and we were ready. Here's a clip taken upon departure, with the docks in the background.


DG Beat said...

Wish I could have been there to see you all off. Cool photo from Dawn!

Gondola Greg said...

Thanks John.
I look forward to rowing with you again.

Tamas Feher from Hungary said...

Did you have a venetian flag with true gold yarn woven in the red? I don't think a piece of linen has much radar signature itself.

Or maybe the motorboaters were simply too afraid to ram you, mindful of the 14' remi that can be used to smack them over the head?