Thursday, December 17, 2009

Newport Beach Boat Parade 2009 - Night Two

Tonight we headed out on a motorized gondola with red rope-lighting along the rails. On a night like tonight, visibility is key.
The Isabella Celeste with her red rope-lights.

Everywhere we went, people saw and talked about the gondola. Additionally, several of the parade vessels greeted us over their loudspeakers. As you watch the video clips, you'll hear a few of the addresses we received.

Another priority during the boat parade is mobility - and this gondola, the "Isabella Celeste" has a dual pod of powerful electric motors - capable of following the parade throughout the sizable piece of water that is Newport Harbor. I wish I could follow every parade with a four-man team, but that's not always an option.

Coming in with a big spotlight and loud sound system, this boat got everybody's attention:

This one was my favorite this year:

Some follks have bigger boats than others. This guy was probably the smallest entry in the parade this year, but his lighting display was impressive:

...and then some go for the niche, making their parade entry different from the others - take for instance the "DISCO XMAS" boat:

The lights, train themed decor and inflatable character made for a great parade boat. Adding a loud sound system and a group of dancers on the bow set this one apart. But then they went for bonus points by incorporating a hot-air-balloon burner into the smokestack of the train engine.

My favorite sailboat entry wasn't the only boat to address the gondola, but his delivery was priceless.

Take a listen.

We see new things each night of the parade, and tonight was no exception. I grabbed photos of a penguin-themed boat:

And then there was the house on Linda Isle. These folks went all-out.

Merry Christmas from Newport Beach.

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