Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The "Little Horse"

That's what they call the small sawhorse used by remers in the shop.
This one may be taller than others, but it is still known by the name which means "little horse". I didn't take the time to measure it when I took the picture in Franco Furlanetto's shop. The unusual piece of wood mounted to the top of the main beam is for holding or cradling different parts of the remo so the craftsman can do his thing with the various tools he uses.

Fresh wood can be seen on the floor, each piece waits to become part of something amazing.
A small pattern-piece rests on top of the cavalletto - probably from part of a forcola plan.
Remers typically wear heavy protective leather aprons when they work, but sometimes a little extra guarding is needed. The black plastic piece towards the back of the horse is a good example - no doubt it has helped Franco avoid countless injuries.

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