Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Oxnard in October

I stopped in to visit Mark Schooling at his operation
in Ventura County this evening.

There are a few gondola companies that have launched in the last few years, and Mark's Gondola Paradiso is one that I've been quite impressed with.

The boat design is Venetian, and definitely traditional,
but one that you won't find anywhere else but the Veneto,
and even then there are only a handful of them.
This one is a real showpiece, with so much beautiful wood on display.

The weather down in Orange County has been remarkably hot and
humid lately, but rowing around Channel Islands Harbor tonight,
the temperature was cooler and the  conditions were ideal - a nice escape
from what's felt a bit more like the Everglades than So Cal.

For more on the boat and the servizio, see:
"Batela Launch!",
"A New Boat on the Water",
and "Batela Bellissima!"

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