Thursday, October 1, 2015

Perfect Water Taxi

I don't usually focus attention on water taxis.
Ask some gondoliers and they'll place water taxis somewhere between annoying and the antichrist.
There certainly is a different mindset associated from the driver's perspective.

It used to be that Venice's water taxi's were all beautifully varnished floating works of art made with wood in the same way 
Rivas and old Chris Crafts once were.

Once fiberglass entered the scene, they became much more sterile.
I understand the benefits of a boat that will never rot, 
but I've always been a sucker for beautifully varnished wood.

When I saw this beauty, moored next to the Rialto, 
I had to grab a few shots.

I really don't know what to think about the whole hipster-beard-thing, 
but the guy sure does take good care of his boat.

Look closely: you can see the clouds reflecting in that high-gloss deck.

This is truly a gentleman's launch.
I'd expect to see English nobility or Hollywood elite 
climbing out at the film festival.

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