Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The “Happy Face Gondolier”

I hate to say it, but not all gondoliers in Venice appear to love their jobs.
I encountered several who seemed like they weren’t quite digging it – at least not nearly as much as I think I would if I had the good fortune of rowing a passenger gondola in La Serenissima.

Oh sure, we all have our off days, and I assume that the day-in day-out traffic of clueless tourists would change my overall levity of spirit, but still, there were a few guys who just seemed to need a career change.
This guy was not one of them.

My friends, I present to you:
The “Happy Face Gondolier!”

I saw this guy cruising through San Moisè with a smile on his face.
 have no idea what his name is, or what his deal is.
I just know that this guy rests at the top of my list of guys I want to be.

Look at this guy.
He’s happy as can be – loving life.
Heck, he’s even got little happy face stickers on his hat ribbon – one on the crown and the other two on the trailing ends.

This guy is truly “having a nice day”.
There’s even a happy face on his remo.

He's got a great attitude, and a beautiful boat to match.
Check it out:
Wedding gondola with full carvings - even on the rails,
Gorgeous tapestry cloth seating,
carved forcola with gold leaf inlay,
and he works the best job in the world,
taking passengers in Venice,
rowing through a heck of a nice area.

I'd be smiling too!

I don’t know about you, but I, for one, wanna be that guy!

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