Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Bridge Proposal with Drone Footage

A while back we had a fun proposal that took place by the Lido Bridge.
Jakob rowed it, and had a lot of fun seeing great memories being created.
We all forgot about it as so many more cruises demanded our attention,
then one of my gondoliers said to Jakob:
"Hey, did you know you were on TV the other night?"
He'd seen it on the local Fox channel.
Here's the segment:

I especially liked the drone and hidden camera footage.

For the record, the lady was supposed to receive a message in a bottle - instructing her to turn her attention to the bridge, but things don't always go as planned.
She saw the people on the bridge, and so Jakob and the guy in the passenger seat had to improvise.
Overall, it was an awesome event.

Big congrats to the newly engaged couple,
and my compliments to Justin Carrillo for both his great footage and editing.

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