Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Gig Harbor Gets a Gondola!

It's official.
Our friend John Synco - gondolier of so many years here in southern California, is launching his own gondola business in Gig Harbor, Washington.

John and his wife Trish moved to the Evergreen State a few years ago,
and not surprisingly, Mr. Synco began to experience rowing withdrawals.
After much deliberation, the Syncos decided to go forward and try to acquire a gondola.

A combination of enthusiasm, tenacity, friendship, and bold thinking brought them a boat sooner than expected, in the form of "Nellie" - a gondola that has served for many years at Sunset Gondola in Huntington Harbour, California.

Tim of Sunset accompanied John, as they trailered the gondola north to her new home in Gig Harbor.

Tim, rowing Nellie in her new home.
John, enjoying a ride in Gig Harbor.
Tim shares a moment with the boat he originally brought over from Venice.
A view from the back of the boat.
The only thing missing is passengers - but that will soon be remedied.

Passenger cruises may be departing even as you read this.

My hearty congrats go out to John and Trish on their new endeavor.

To learn more about America's newest gondola operation,
check out gigharborgondola.com


DG Beat said...

It's an exciting time! Grazie, Greg.

Unknown said...

John I am so excited to see a gondola on the waters of Gig Harbor.
Thank you for bringing the boat, your talents and your energy to our community.

I have a website of Event Locations, Services and attractions for Gig Harbor and I promote all on social media. I am a dragon boat rower and I promote the Club @ the Boatyard on http://eventresourcesgigharbor.com/

I would like to see the Gondola as an attraction on the website.

Can we make that happen? Betty Perry betty@eventresourcesgigharbor.com