Monday, September 28, 2015

Under the Roof in San Trovaso

Venturing into the shop at Squero San Trovaso, 
I saw this beautiful wedding gondola, with the light from outside bouncing off of all her carvings.

There are only a handful of gondola yards in Venice.
These operations are usually specific to the gondola – as she is built and maintained using methods and materials that date back a century or more.

A “squero” takes it’s name from one of the tools that gondola builders use to measure with (a sort of “builder’s square”).
Squero San Trovaso seems to be in almost all the tourist guidebooks and is by far the most photographed of all the gondola yards in the city.

A lot of the work at Squero San Trovaso takes place outside, 
but there’s room for a few boats in the shop to receive extra special attention – no matter what the weather conditions may be.

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