Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Gig Harbor Drones

photos by Ivan Postivka and Hover Images

It's been so exciting watching the new generation of gondola operations
as they've gone through all the necessary preparations,
jumped through the various hoops required in each location,
and then enjoyed that incredible period that involves launching, rowing,
and taking passengers in a new location.

Along the way, each guy has discovered quirks, challenges, and beautiful surprises in his new waterway and the town around it.

Of course as a new business owner, you can do whatever you want with things like advertising, marketing, and your company's offered packages.
John at Gig Harbor Gondola is a savvy guy, and so it shouldn't surprise anyone that he realized the potential of drone photography.

Here are a few shots that prove just how well you can show off both
your beautiful gondola AND the gorgeous place you operate it
(especially if you're in the Pacific Northwest).

Each photo is clickable, and way larger than what you see here.
It's worth opening and admiring each one.
That's no small-time quad-copter there.
I can't even count the rotors.
Gig Harbor is beautiful - here's the proof.

Gig Harbor Gondola is in the Puget Sound area, which means that if you look in the right direction, on a clear day, you might see mount Rainier.
Look closely at the two above photos and you'll see Rainier in the distance.

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