Friday, October 23, 2015

Associazione Gondolieri

Walking by the Emilio Ceccato shop - at the base of the Rialto,
I saw the familiar window display, but with one new detail: patches.
On display, on several different garments,
and loose in three different colors, were patches
emblazoned with the logo and name of the Associazione Gondolieri.

Just today a piece went live in the Huffington Post about these patches.
Turns out, our friend Marie Ohanesian Nardin is the author.
Marie hosts a blog and is the author of the book "Beneath the Lion's Wings".
So next time you're in Venezia, stop by Emilio Ceccato,
and buy a patch for your favorite gondolier's shirt, and support the efforts
to protect the gondola and all that she represents.

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