Sunday, October 4, 2015

Shot from the Ship - Bridge of Sighs

Here's a photo taken from the upper deck of one of those "evil cruise ships".

Yes, yes, yes - I know, and I bet some of you are ready to weigh in on the subject, but hold on to those comments for another day.

I'm sure we'll be talking about the "big ships" soon.

I was recently held hostage for a week on board one of those lumbering beasts, and as we plowed our way towards the Adriatic, I decided to make the most of things and snap some photos from a vantage point that may very well be gone soon.

Here we are looking down the Rio Canonica Palazzo - a canal named for the fact that it sits behind the Palazzo Ducale (on the left).

The bridge with all the people on it is the Ponte della Paglia.

That enclosed bridge, which is a few stories above the water is the famous Ponte dei Sospiri, or "Bridge of Sighs".

Legend has it that if a couple kisses under this bridge, in a gondola, while the church bells ring at sunset...their love will last forever.

I don't know just how true that is, but I'm sure it serves our gondolier friends in Venice quite well.

To read more about the bridge and the legend,
see my post "Bridge of Sighs" .

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