Monday, October 22, 2012

The Golden Lama

Yes, I know, what a title: the "Golden Lama".

No, this post isn't about a strange long-necked animal from South America.
I'm also not going to wax poetic about a Buddhist monk that entered the world as a golden child.
The decorative tail-piece on a gondola is called a "lama",
and they almost always have a shiny silver finish - almost always.
This one, which I spottend on a busy day in gold.

Typically the lama piece is a non-colored metal.
I've seen stainless ones, and many with plating finishes.
I like to have the lamas on my gondolas nickel plated.

Once in a while we see a gondola with her main metal pieces plated in gold.
In the case of this gondola, the cavalli are not gold plated, they're, well, quite unique.
This is the tail of the boat featured in my post "Barbarian Cavalli".

Yeah, not all cavalli are created equal.

The owner of this gondola went way above and beyond to set his boat apart.
A broader view of the boat can be seen in my post "One-of-a-Kind".

He went with over-the-top details throughout the vessel, so we should not be surprised that the gondola was finished off with a golden lama.
Other boats with gold elements can be seen in the following posts:
Nice boat - I'd happily buy it, but I'd never steal it.

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