Monday, October 15, 2012


Market Street - that's what you're looking at here, well, that's what you'd see if you were to gaze at this view today, but a hundred years ago this was the "Alderbaren Canal".
When Abbott Kinney made his dream of a "Venice of the West" a reality over a century ago, this is what it looked like.
Canals were dug, bridges were built, landscaping was planted,
some homes were constructed and gondolas were brought in.

Here we see a few people enjoying their time on the water.

Years later we can see that the landscaping took root nicely,
and folks continued to enjoy time on the water.

It's been a while since we saw postcards here on the Gondola Blog,
but we've seen this canal before - in my post:
"Venice, California - The Alderbaren Canal"

Somehow I think the next time I'm in the neighborhood,
I'll be shooting a photo of this same view...on "Market Street".

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Anonymous said...

Those were the days and the closest thing I saw that is similar to that in painting is in Hanoi, Vietnam. The river ferry transportation is still active; alongside some dedicated drain cleaning to help maintain the drainage.