Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Leaving Venice by Cruise Ship

I've seen Venice from a lot of different angles, and while my favorite is from a boat that I'm rowing with friends, the view from the top deck of an obscenely large cruise ship is pretty cool.

After the 2009 Vogalonga, my family and I made our exit
on one of these behemoths. 
Since then I've told a lot of people about the experience;
big surprise, a lot of them were planning to cruise out of Venice
and asked me
"What will I see from the cruise ship?"

Many of the images I shot from the top deck are featured in posts at the end of this piece, and here are a few more.

The bridge at the Rio di San Giuseppe.

The "Molo" in front of the Palazzo Ducale.

Funny thing about shooting pictures from a huge ship:
everybody is looking, smiling and waving.

Canale di S. Elena.

Having the right lens and keeping people from stepping in front of the camera are important, but the high vantage point gives some great photo opportunities.

Here are some previous posts with photos from the same journey out of Venice:

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Sarah said...

It must have been an exciting and awesome experience. I remember leaving the aman resort bali on a tug boat. It was still great.

Unknown said...

My boyfriend and I are about to go on a trip away from the city, to have one of those river cruises in europe. I just find it romantic in a way.

Unknown said...

I've been on my share of amazing europe cruises so don't get me wrong. I just don't understand why would anyone want to leave a place like Venice just like that.

doris alonso said...

I would have to bring my boat in the cities I love, like Venice and Italy. After I bought it from one of those new boats sales, I couldn't wait to sail it.