Monday, October 8, 2012

Vivid Colors in Wörthsee

Our friend Ingo Stahl in Germany sent this in today
from his operation in Wörthsee (upper Bavaria).
Ingo writes:

Dear Greg,
Autumn has arrived and the evenings start in great colors.
A few days ago, it was such a wonderful evening, you like to enthuse about so much in our job.
I was initiated to the plan of a guy to propose to his sweet and had prepared the gondola with roses,
prosecco, and romantical guitarmusik.
A glorious sundown for to pop the question.
In tears she sniffed "Yes I will".
I fully agree with you: we do have a great job.

Thanks for the amazing photo, Ingo.
I'm glad she accepted the proposal.
Ingo tells me that the photo was provided by a Mrs. Witt, a guest in the restaurant `Paradisecorner` when they left after a romantic dinner.

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