Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Fireboat Free-Ride

photos by Tamás Fehér

Stuff happens.

Mhmm, there are other versions of that statement,
but the fact remains that things don't always go according to plan.

Depending on what you're doing, the aftermath can be different.
When stuff happens on a boat, the worse thing that can happen
is that you end up swimming.  It's not quite that simple when it
happens on an airplane - that's why I like boats.

I'm not really sure what happened with this particular boat.
Nobody appeared too stressed out, but they were willing to accept the assistance of the gentlemen of the Vigili del Fuoco (fire department).

 Fortunately the windshield on the port side of the fireboat collapses forward.

The men of the Vigili del Fuoco are trained professionals;
they get things done despite distractions.
They didn't even notice that frighteningly large blue sculpture.

Rowing boat secured, everybody seated,
Vigili del Fuoco to the rescue.

Seriously though, like the FDNY, these guys are true heroes.
They use boats instead of trucks, but when the radio crackles,
they know there may be a life or death situation in their near future.
When "stuff happens", these guys come in a fast boat.
On this beautiful day during Vogalonga, these Venetian firefighters got to lend a hand to someone in a less serious situation, but I can tell that they appreciated the help...and enjoyed the ride.


Tamás said...

I heard that vessel was cracked in the hull, so the rescue was not just for convenience.

Gondola Greg said...

so THAT'S the kind of "stuff" that happened to that boat.
Makes sense.
Thanks Tamás.