Thursday, October 23, 2008

Venice, California - The Alderbaren Canal

Here's a great old photo, taken in 1909, in Venice, California.This angle may look familiar - many photos of Abbott Kinney's Venice have been taken of this exact angle. I published a "Postcard History Lesson" on a card with a similar image on July 21st.

Here's that postcard again: What you're looking at is the view east up the Alderbaren Canal.
Of course if you go there today, you'll find no such waterway because, like so many other canals in Venice, California - it was filled in and became a road.
but if you really want to, you can drive up that canal.
It is now called Market Street.

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Anonymous said...

The postcard depicts about 12 people sitting in that gondola and I don't think a single gondolier could move that many people around effectively? The traghetto service in Venice, IT has two gondoliers for about 11 to 14 riders and those crossings are very short trips. Why did the artist take so much liberty with this postcard?