Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More Reflections in Glossy Black

photos by Sean Antonoli

After the chorus of "wows" for the last Squero Canaletto post on October 8th, I thought I'd post up a couple more great images from the same collection.

This rare view shows how the asymmetry is built-in to the hull.

Here are two gondolas at different stages of development.

Thom Price, Mathias Luhmann, and Sean Antonioli spent a relatively short time building gondolas at Squero Canaletto (small only when compared to other squero operations which can roun for generations), but during that time, they got to do things most of us only dream of.

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René Seindal said...

I've had a hard time figuring out where exactly the Squero Canaletto used to be, but it seems it was where the Circolo di voga delle Assicurazioni Generali is now in Rio dei Mendicanti.

I guess Thom Price has closed shop for good if he hasn't even renewed his internet domain.

René Seindal
Venice Kayak