Saturday, October 11, 2008

OUCH!!! - Solid Forcola becomes "Two-Piece" forcola

A forcola is a fairly solid piece of hardware.
Often carved from walnut and other hardwoods, it's rare to see one break, especially in half.

Why do they break?
Sometimes it's from improper use, or a flaw in the wood.
And sometimes it happens when the gondola comes in contact with another boat or immovable object, and the forcola is part of the collision.

Such is the story of Arjen Heida who rows his gondola in Utrecht - a city in the Netherlands.

photo by Marlies de Wit

It seems that a boat cruised by a little too close and changed things in a quick and drastic way.

(see top photo)

Since then, Arjen has acquired a nice Saverio Pastor replacement and the broken one has been repaired.

Keep rowing Arjen!

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