Thursday, October 30, 2008

Robert Dula Attends a "Pool Party"...with His Gondola

These shots were taken a few years back at a private party in Destin, Florida.
The gondolier is Robert Dula (a.k.a. "the gondolier who has witnessed more hurricanes firsthand than all the rest of us put together").

According to Robert:
The host of the party was a "world traveling Elvis impersonator" named Ron Adams.

The party was a Junior League fundraiser.
Mr. Adams must do a good job impersonating "The King", because he's got a 12 million dollar home, with something we don't often see: a pool that's actually big enough for a Venetian gondola!

Robert writes:
They sought me out, not knowing about what I went through in New Orleans, and caught up with me, shortly after all the repairs were made. It is how I got my feet back on the water, and ultimately wound up in Huntsville.

Robert rows his gondola now at a new development in Huntsville, Alabama.
You can check out the operation and other offerings on the water there at:

I've posted this link before, but there are some great new photos that make it worthy of a second look.

Robert sent me a recent photo taken on board his gondola using a Canon Rebel Xsi with a remote controlled shutter release.

I'm not exactly sure what the deal is with that hat (I think maybe that guy lost a bet or something), but just above the hat you can see Robert's left hand on the remo.
We can't see his right hand because he's activating the camera with it...while rowing.
So cool.

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