Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tirza and the "Red Dress"

It seems like half of the photos I have of Tirza Mol show her in a red dress.
And it's not always the same red dress either.

She told me recently that she doesn't always wear the red dress, but it's definitely her choice for special occasions.

I asked her what the story was and she said that there isn't really a "story" about the red dress.
I guess she just likes wearing one.

If you ask me, I think it's the perfect choice for her - rowing in a city like Amsterdam - a city where there's a lot to compete with.

Sure, she could dress in the traditional clothes of a gondolier, and I believe there are female gondoliers out there who's choice of traditional garb is the right one for them,
but Tirza pulls it off with the red dress.
It's perfect.

Tirza's website is:


grigory-never-get-there said...

can't say i know the story behind this one. but that's the hottest gondolier i've ever seen. why no carpet to walk on?

Gondola Greg said...

I don't know why she has no carpet.
In all the photos I've seen of Tirza, there's no carpet, and most of the time she's barefoot.
I'd guess it's a matter of preference.
Some rowers prefer to row barefoot in order to feel more connected with the boat. I've known a number of surfers-turned-gondolier who row barefoot for that reason.
Sometimes I kick off my shoes to row, but it's usually because I chose uncomfortable shoes that night!