Monday, October 27, 2008

Surprising Sandolo Encounter

We were on a mission.
or at least that was how it felt.
Nereo and I had been walking for the last 45 minutes, and during that time, I gained a true appreciation for just how fast that guy can walk.
Our objective was to find the hidden headquarters of the Remiera Francescana and meet with the famous Vittorio Orio.

Walking through Venice, with all of her bridges, can be tiring at a normal pace,
try keeping up with a Venetian and it's downright exhausting.
Not surprisingly, I found myself playing catch-up with Nereo on several occasions.
During one of those catch-up moments, just outside the wall of the Arsenale, I encountered this sandolo.

It was so far from any recognized tourist area, that I never expected to see any passenger vessels other than vaporetti,
but there it was - a beautiful black sandolo.

The couple were having a wonderful time, and the sandolista (the sandolo version of a gondolier), like so many gondoliers I know, was living the dream.

We finally did locate the Remiera Francescana, and had a great meeting with Vittorio Orio.
It was the first time I would meet the man, but not the last.
In fact it was during that meeting, in a room full of boats, that Vittorio, Nereo and I began to discuss plans for an expedition in North America.

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