Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Reflection in Glossy Black

photo by Sean Antonioli
If you're like me, you love a good shiny black paint job.
And everybody knows that a quality paint job on the hull of a boat is one you can see a reflection in.
This image came out of Squero Canaletto.
Thom Price, Mathias Luhmann, and Sean Antonioli made sure the hull of this gondola was smooth enough to see the reflection of not only the frames of the gondola under construction to the left, but the floor as well.

Artsy shot there, Sean.


Anonymous said...

Fabulous shot! It took a few moments to recognize what was being shown. Then, *wow*, what a paint job!

Too bad about Thom losing the business at Squero Canaletto. I was always one of his fans.

Anonymous said...

Hi Greg (and Sean if you happen to be reading),

I knew Sean three years ago when I lived in Venice, and would love to get back in touch to hear how life is.

Greg, if you can put me in touch, or Sean, if you want to email me, it's

I'd love to hear from either of you!


Bepi Venexiano said...

Wow is right. All I manage to produce is a bit of a "glow" instead of a sharp reflection. Sean... buddy! We need to chat.

grigory-never-get-there said...

make that a 3rd "WOW!"