Monday, October 20, 2008

Sandolo Bow from Overhead

Walking around Venice with a camera, for a "gondola fanatic" as pathetic as me, is comparable to being a kid in a candy store.
My next visit to La Serenissima will be different as I'll have a "serious camera".
I can't wait.
Until then, I'm stuck with the "tourist grade" stuff from previous visits.

Of course, it's hard to take a truly bad picture in Venice.
Here's a case-in-point:
I'm walking,
I see a Sandolo Buranello,
I step up onto a bridge over the boat,
I fish the mini-digital-camera out of my pocket and snap - one more, in a thousand images to make me do my darndest to get back there soon.


Anonymous said...

Very nice! And a lot prettier than some of the Sandoli I happen to find. It looks like this one is dressed up for service or a special occasion.

Keep shooting and showing us nice boats, even if from a "tourist" camera.

René Seindal said...

There are a lot of sandoli used for tours with tourists, just like the gondole. This is one of them.

René Seindal
Venice Kayak