Thursday, January 27, 2011

Buon Compleanno to Sean Jamieson

Sean Jamieson in Coronado, California (San Diego area) is celebrating the fact that he's one year older than he was last year. 
Amazing how that just keeps happening.

I shamelessly ripped off this photo from Sean's Facebook page.
I probably owe somebody photo credit - if so, let me know.

We've seen a number of interesting things here on the blog from Sean's servizio:
- He has what I believe to be the only Venice-built gondolino in the US.
- By far the nicest passenger caorlina anywhere, was built by Sean and his staff.
- Sean was also man enough to show us his worms...(yes, I'm waiting to hear gasps and confusing sounds)...wood worms to be exact.  And while it might not be something you'd want to share with others, Sean chose to do so in the hopes that we, his colleagues, might manage to avoid the same headache that is worms eating your boat.
- And who can forget the Santa-spotting of 2008?

So happy birthday to you Sean!
Buon Compleanno and good rowing from the Gondola Blog.

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