Sunday, January 16, 2011

One Reeeally Big Sock!

photo by Nereo Zane

It may or not be a record, and to be honest, I'm not sure what the symbolism is here.

I just know that it's the biggest sock I've ever seen.
Nereo sent me this shot, taken during the Regata delle Befane.
My guess is that the giant stocking draped over the side of the Rialto, is like those hung over the chimney at Christmas time, and that the Befane might be bound by tradition to place treats or gifts in it.

That is one big sock.


staff said...

You bet my friend. The stocking or socks are some of the symbols of the "Befana" The other one is the sorghum broom she rides the night between Jan 5th and 6th to bring cakes and candies to the kids.

Tamás said...

One really big shock! The nasty pedestrians on the bridge are apparently waiting for the gondola to appear from the shadow of the arch and then they will let the rope loose. As the big stuffed sock falls into the boat, the gondolier will definitely be shocked seeing the bottom sheet give way and water coming up. Now on to the next world domination plan! (...puts on a mask)

staff said...