Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More Gondolas in Egypt

A few weeks ago I posted "Gondolas" - Egyptian-Style - featuring some clever little boats that were in pretty good shape, but my guess is that a lot of you wished that they were authentic Venice-built craft.

Now, we'll take a look at some boats that appear to be Venice-built,
but I suspect most of you will wish they were better taken care of.

We're going back to Egypt, where it seems there is another gondola operation, also in a controlled waterway (that means a fancy swimming pool),
and like the ones in my previous post - it looks like they also push with poles rather than row with remi.

It also appears that they aren't very well-versed regarding the placement of the forward gondolier...

 The place we're looking at here is called the "Venice Canal Mall",
which is located in the Porto Marina Resort.
An earlier version of their website can be viewed here.
Their current site is here - with one or two high-resolution photos of a couple in a gondola (I'll let you do the hunting). 

A better quality image of one of the Porto gondolas can be seen at this link.
Click on the displayed image to get a bigger version on most computers.
Upon closer inspection, the boat is pretty beat up.  It's easy to criticize someone else's gondola, but we must remember that this is Egypt we're talking about.

I haven't crawled through these gondolas personally, but my guess is that they were either built to pretty close Venetian specifications, or more likely, bought in Venice and brought to the property in Egypt. 
Chances are also good that if they were bought in Venice - they weren't bought new. 
All the same, I applaud the gondoliers who are trying to make things work in their given situation.
I hope their passengers come away with great memories,
and I hope they do their best to represent the city their boats came from.

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