Monday, November 14, 2011

"Gondolas" - Egyptian-Style

I post photos regularly of true, Venice-built gondolas here.
Gondolas that are more authentic than most, and boats that many readers would be happy to buy, steal, borrow, or inherit.
I also post photos now and then, of boats that are maybe in need of some grace on the part of the viewer.  Today's post certainly falls into that category.

I've never been to the resort known as "Aqua Blu Sharm" in Sharm El Sheikh,
so my views on these boats are based solely on photos, but they do have some "interesting" gondolas in Egypt.

In shape, they seem to have lines that are similar to other gondolas,
although they are a lot shorter in length.  But the guys piloting them appear to be pushing their boats along with poles - "punting" like in England.

These gondolas are definitely in a more "controlled" environment than many others.  This is undoubtably a man-made waterway. 
One nice thing about making your own canals...

You can bring them right up to your V.I.P. bungalos!

Like I said - I've yet to visit the "Sharm El Sheikh" resort, but if I do,
I'll be sure to hunt down the main mooring area for their boats.
because really, if you're gonna design a waterway - it ought to have some cool underwater lighting.

If you've been to the "Aqua Blu Sharm" resort, or of you plan to be in Egypt soon, I'd love to hear of some first-hand experiences with these "interesting" little boats.

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