Monday, November 21, 2011

A "Fall Tradition" in Boston

photo by Joe Gibbons

Many of our gondolier friends in cities to the north will identify with this photo and what it represents.
My good friend Joe Gibbons in Boston sent it in so we could all share in the moment.
He writes:

Hi Greg
This shot that I sent you seems to be a yearly event. That is Steve Bruno and his sons Mike and Matthew. After winching the Maria out of the Charles River and onto the walking path, we goof off a bit in preparation for the half mile push down the side walk that abuts a very busy road. With horns beeping at us, joggers ,walkers, and bikers looking on in awe, it can be a nerve wracking experience to say the least. We actually pass within feet of the guard rail that seperates us from the highway. You can feel the breeze of cars flying past at 40 to 50 miles per hour. Once Maria was put to bed for the long winter we celebrated with a great {Santarpios Pizza} and a few beers.

Time now for a ride on the snowmobiles!! 

Thanks for the great description, Joe.
I wish I'd been there to help push the boat (and eat the pizza too).

On top of it, Joe added something a lot of us have probably thought of a time or two:

A funny thought comes to mind!  Maybe a set of skis on the bottom of the gondola and a holiday sleigh ride/gondola through the apple orchards{helmets required}.

Tell you what, Joe:
You set up "gondola sleigh rides", and I'll fly out and take one.

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Sean Jamieson said...

Years ago when we started rowing gondolas in Long Island I had a vision/dream of putting ice skate blades on the gondola. Instead, I opted for winter in California.