Wednesday, November 9, 2011

photos by Chris Clarke
In my June 20th post "Passenger Sandoli - Ready and Waiting",
I posted a nice shot by Chris Clarke of two pristine little vessels side-tied and ready (and waiting) for some lucky riders.

Then a couple weeks ago I posted "Just the Photo - Taxi Plows Through"
and a friend of mine commented on the finish of the sandolo in the corner of the shot.  

So today we'll take a closer look at the two boats.
The first sandolo has a subtle elegance to her - not a lot of bright colors,
but there is just the right amount of gold leaf.

The brass cavalli both seem to feel the need to turn to port - I'm not sure why. Myabe they're just taking their cue from the brass eagle on the bow.

The second sandolo has a bit more color - floorboards and seat cover lean hard in the blue and yellow direction (my parents, who both went to UCLA would love this boat).

The scimier has a lot of gold, and a great family crest.
The cavalli are not just brass, but have a gold finish, and while they don't match the blue and yellow theme, the side pillows have the Lion of St. Mark.

This sandolo also has a lot more high-gloss varnished wood.

Wow, which one would you choose?

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Il Paradosso said...

I would take either, although I find the first one more to my liking.