Monday, November 7, 2011

The "D.R. Crest Gondola"

photos by Tamás Fehér

Our focus today, is on one of the many gondolas in Venice that has "all the bells and whistles".
Lots of gondoliers do things to make a boat their own. 
Some do more than others. 
This guy has made quite a statement with his parecio.

The stainless steel ferro has the initials "DR" engraved in it.


The eyes are of course, immediately drawn to the tapestry seats,
but there are so many other impressive details on this gondola.
Take for instance, the decorative piece called the "scimier",
which sits atop the seat back.
Once again we see the familiar initials "DR" in the central shield.

We also see a stand-up-paddler pushing by,
and offering quite a contrasting comparison.

Looking forward, we see a striking portela.
It seems that our friend "DR" has a family crest.
As family crests go, it's a lot more impressive than mine.

"DR" spared no expense when he went shopping for cavalli,
and the arm-pieces would be impressive with just the black and gold,
but their rail-facing sides have a red theme and carry smaller family crests.

I could be wrong, but I think I spotted this boat recently in a Johnny Depp film.
I'll bet "DR" was happy to get that gig.

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