Saturday, November 5, 2011

Three-Quarters and Ridin' High

photo by Nereo Zane

One of the most appealing angles to photograph the gondola from is what we call the "three-quarter".
Technically, I'm not sure where the bow of the boat fits into the calculation.
This might be the "three-quarter", or it might be a "one-quarter" shot.
The point is that it's about halfway in between a profile and looking straight down the centerline of the boat.
Looking at a gondola from this perspective, one can better appreciate her distinct crescent shape.
Make the boat a racing gondola, meaning that she sits a little higher afloat, and we can clearly see just how little of her length is actually in the water.

This photo was shot by Nereo Zane at a single-oar regata.  More photos from the day can be seen in my aptly named post "Single-Oar Regata".

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staff said...

This shot was taken before the start anyway there is one thing to note: while the legs of the rower on the white gondola are in the correct position the other rower' s ones arent. It seems that the two guys are friendly chatting waitng for the start. Nereo