Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tommaso's Journey is Under Way

In August I told you about Tommaso Luppi, a gondolier from Venice who was preparing to cross the Atlantic on a solo sailing adventure.
Marie at "Italy to Los Angeles and Back" knows Tommaso and has been following his adventures as he's prepared for the big journey. 
An interview with Tommaso is available in her August 18th post.

The ocean voyaging gondolier is now on his journey.
He's hardly alone - as he's been kept company by whales, dolphins, and lots of other characters "local" to the areas he traverses, but he's the only person in the equation.

Marie is maintaining a regular log of Tommaso's progress at:
Baimaiself: Tommaso Luppi's Atlantic crossing running update

and she gives coordinates so his last reported position can be tracked.
Of course if you're too lazy to do the calculating (that would be me), take a look at the GPS page on his website.

Tommaso's website is simply:

Gondoliers are not fond of desks.
We like to get out there and do things.
Tommaso Luppi is a perfect example.
Go Tommaso!
We're not on the boat with you,
but we're following your adventure...with pride and envy.

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