Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Five Fingers

As most of you probably know, today is January 11th.
That's 1-11-11 in some parts of the world, and in others it's 11-1-11.
Either way, it's a date that can be defined by raising all five fingers on one hand.

Here's an example of such a gesture. 
This photo comes from my post "Experiencing the Blue Grotto in Capri". 
This guy wasn't actually indicating the date, he was just saying "Hi".

In the spirit of things, and because for no particular reason, I'm a fan of the number eleven, I'm posting a link to the blog post of July thirteenth entitled "Eleven".

We're getting close to our 1300th post here on the Gondola Blog, and you'll know it when we get there.
Any ideas for 13?

1 comment:

Tamás said...

Maya think 11-11-1 is better than 12-12-21, definitely 8-)