Thursday, June 5, 2008


I mentioned Sean Jamieson's gondolino in my post on June 1st.
I called him up the other day and he sent me a photo of her, all set up at a Venice-themed party in La Jolla.

This style of boat is always an eye-catcher to a gondola fanatic or aficionados of Venetian rowing.
Whether it's a shiny brand new one, just being launched, or a beat up old floater that's just been retired, this is a design that commands respect.

I've heard of gondolinos being called the Ferrari's or Formula One racers of Venetian rowing.
Most gondolinos are either official race boats - owned by the Commune di Venezia, or they're club boats - owned by rowing clubs in the Veneto. The club boats are usually painted in the club's colors, while Community boats are painted in the nine standard regata colors. One of the nine colors is pink, which is why I was able to get a shot of a pink one.

Sean's gondolino seems to lead a double-life:
She cuts through the waters of Coronado just like her club and racing counterparts in the Venetian Lagoon,
and she dresses up for display at parties and charity functions too.

Take another look at the photo above - that gondolino's got full parecio!
A seat, cavalli (brass horses), pusioli (arm pieces) ,
a carpet for the gondolier, and even a canon with flowers on the bow.

It's definitely the first time I've seen a "fully dressed" gondolino.

But think about it: if you had the choice of bringing in a full-size gondola, or this beauty, which weighs only 700 pounds and is four feet shorter, the choice is obvious.
And if your party patrons can take turns sitting for photos, while your standard gondolas are still taking passengers back at your business,
it definitely pencils out.

I'd say Sean's got it figured out.

To learn more about these fast cousins of the gondola,check out Gilberto Penzo's description at:

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