Sunday, June 15, 2008

Aerial Photo - Alamitos Bay and Huntington Harbor

I took this the other day on a flight from John Wayne Airport to Seattle.
Every now and then I've got a window seat when the conditions and the angle are just right.
It also helps to have a big honkin' lense and a computer to help sharpen things.

This shot gives the viewer a clear idea of how close the breakwaters of Alamitos Bay and Huntington Harbor are.

You can see some of the oil drilling islands that local gondoliers have been known to circumnavigate a few times, either while training, or perhaps on a dare.

I find the design difference between the breakwaters interesting.

This space between the harbors was the setting for a little adventure I had with Tyson Davis of Sunset Gondola and Sean Antonioli. You can read more about it in the May 19th post of 2008 entitled "Two New Sunset Gondolas - Making History and Getting Wet".

Near the tip of the Breakwater of Huntington Harbor (the one shaped like a V) is where we managed to get fully bailed out and rowing again.

I enjoyed snapping this picture for many reasons - one of them was that this time I got to see the place...while wearing dry shoes and socks.

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