Friday, June 27, 2008

Shots from the day - the Phoenix awaits her passengers

I shot these photos while waiting for my passengers tonight.
It doesn't take much to dress your gondola when it's a beautiful Venice-built beauty like the Phoenix.

Tonight's cruise was a simple one-hour cruise with no dinner or appetizers, so I went with the two banchete. We do have a dinner-appropriate table for this gondola, but I only pull that out for serious dining cruises.

The gondola to the right is the Wedding Gondola; easily identified by her decks which have allegorical characters carved and painted in gloss over a flat dark-gray background.


DG Beat said...

Hey Greg. Beautiful gondole. It must be fun backing those in after every cruise. Do all of your employees take turns rowing those or are you the only one?

Gondola Greg said...

Thanks John.
About two-thirds of my guys row and operate the motorized gondolas.
Yes, it's fun backing in, but slips are tough to come by, so we make due and pay a bit less for the trouble.
Hey, if I can't back 'em in, I've got no business rowing gondolas.