Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lousy Day

I had another terrible day in paradise today.
And when I could have been digging a ditch, or cleaning up after horses, I got stuck rowing a boat during sunset...again.
Life just sucks sometimes.
I took a few lousy pictures and posted them here.
I'm sure you'll hate them.

Here's another boring shot of the bow.

Just when things were looking like they might get better, this ugly hole opened up in the clouds, letting in more of that depressing blue sky.

This job sucks, anyone wanna trade me, I sure would love working in a drab gray cubicle somewhere, maybe under flourescent lights with processed air to breathe.


Bob Easton said...

Just terrible! Sucks BIG TIME! Absolutely miserable job! How can you stand the cruelty Greg?

Over here, on the opposite end of the continent, we'll have a simply wonderful day ... 12-18 inches of crystalline "global warming" is falling from our skies today.

Beautiful pics!

Sean Jamieson said...

Sarcasm continued....
Looking forward to a dissertation about ditch digging or cubicle life.

Nereo said...

lot of fog in the Venice area today. Marco Polo Airport closed and slow and crazy traffic. I don't know how you can resist livin' there Greg!

Tamas Feher from Hungary said...

> Looking forward to a dissertation about ditch digging or cubicle life.

I am opposed to such antagonism. Gondola crusie is an indulgence and the money to finance it must come from the economy.

A world with less and less jobs, combined with ever-increasing luxury can only lead to collapse, just like it happened to 18th century Venezia.

Furthermore, someone must dig ditches and canals, as gondolas don't have wheels to roam the land!

> I don't know how you can resist livin' there Greg!

1., One day of shopping and you will wish for Venice proper prices! California is probably the second most expensive place in USA, right after Hawaii. Maybe Florida comes close.

2., Personally I would not wish to live in a place which has no recognizable seasons, because that means every day of your life is the same.

3., There is more variety of canals in Venice.

Bepi Venexiano said...

Most people defend the winter from the place of their birth, it is part of their being. For me, I can surf the Pacific in the morning and a little over an hour later be skiing in the mountains. Of course I have yet to perform that trick on the same day. On the coastal plain the seasons are recognizable, if you pay attention.
PS. My hands were calloused from picks and shovels long before I picked up an oar.

Bepi said...

P.P.S. I once had a cubicle and then I had a corner office... in New York. Why do I prefer to row against swift currents and winds boxing the compass? Probably for the feeling early man got when he dropped something formerly living on the ground in front of his family and said

How am I doing Sean?

Nereo said...

you're doing great, Bepi

Sean Jamieson said...

This is great.

Gondola Greg said...

I spent another horrible evening out on the water tonight.
Jeez, anybody out there in the nuclear waste clean-up business wanna trade with me?
I can't handle another day here!

Andrew Carter said...

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