Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Southern California Tsunami Experience

I was there when it happened.
I stood on the upper parking deck of our building just to be safe. Two floors down I could see our boats, all secured to the docks.
I stood there, waiting for the inevitable,
and then, as if nothing could prevent it,
as if nothing could change the ensuing event that fate had brought to us...

...nothing happened.

So I got some coffee, went back home, and did some laundry.


Tamas Feher from Hungary said...

Better ten false alerts than one too late! Radio says Tahiti had waves taller than an adult, but the quake was deep, so not much tsunami were created overall.

Anyhow it was a relatively lucky earthquake, if the same shock hit a more densely populated area, like Italy or China, it's bad to think what could have happened to lives and built heritage!

Bepi said...

A towing/ocean rescue friend was moving a boat in HH. He saw our swift outgoing tide reversed for about five minutes.

So while there was no wave there was a surge. He also mentioned some dock damage in San Diego and Ventura.