Sunday, February 14, 2010

V-Day 2010 in Newport - Photos

After a full day and night of rowing, some time in the jacuzzi, and a few glasses of red wine, I'm here to post photos from V-Day in Newport.

The weather really couldn't have been better. it felt like August at times.
Here are some images of the day:
Steve Elkins handles the lines before heading out on the first cruise of the day.

Sebastian tips his hat while cruising on the Serena Lee.
John Kerschbaum rows with a fun family on the Phoenix.

Joe Munday (a.k.a. Giuseppe) glides by on his Crystal Swan.
To give you an idea of the weather conditions, this guy from another company rowed in shorts.

Passing John Kerschbaum in the canals - me on the Wedding Gondola, John on the Phoenix.


Tamas Feher from Hungary said...

> The weather really couldn't have been better

The reason Hollywood was built in California instead of New York, a hunded years ago! Three hundred full days of sunshine per year...

Maybe the extra cold and wet the east coast just got was substracted from the west coast by mother nature to keep balances?

Gondola Greg said...

Yes, I think so.
Everyone in California is from somewhere else. Many of them decide to move here on days like this. It's the middle of February and it looks like summer outside.