Sunday, February 21, 2010

Birthday Row

Today I celebrated 45 years as a living, breathing human being.
And what better way to do so, to feel completely alive, than to get out on a gondola and fight the wind.
One of my passengers grabbed my camera and took a few shots.

Here's one:

photo by Shelly Ferraro

Rowing in the wind is always a great way to get a workout, but it also inspires creative thinking. Gondoliers find themselves contemplating corners and canals in new ways. The direction of the wind forces them to take new approaches to waterways they've rowed hundreds of times. Such was my cruise today.

I loved it. Dug deep with each stroke and couldn't stop smiling.

I did many things today to celebrate, but taking the Ferraro family out in the wind was one of my favorites.


Nereo said...

Happy birthday my friend. I'll celebrate mine tomorrow Feb. 23rd.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday. Buon compleanno!

Tamas Feher from Hungary said...

> Birthday Row

Happy birthday to you! What was the gift, Italy plane tickets?

Tamas Feher from Hungary said...

Tongue in cheek, may I mention this was a funny posting by Greg, due to the ambiguity of english language.

I only saw the blog entry subject line via RSS and thought to myself: Birthday row? hope no plates and glassware were hurt making that posting 8-)