Saturday, February 13, 2010

Squero San Trovaso - Room for One More

La Serenissima's most photographed squero was busy as usual when I shot this back in June of last year.

Squero San Trovaso is usually the only gondola yard mentioned in travel guides; most of them say that it's "not open to the public". Great photos can certainly be taken from the fondamenta across the Rio di San Trovaso, but a few intrepid tourists (and anybody with a working knowledge of both gondolas and Italian) can sometimes make their way onto the grounds. Whenever I've gone there, I've done my best to stay out of everyone's way, shoot as many photos as I could, and then scram. I'd bet the guys who work at the squero get tired of people asking them questions and wanting to hang out while they try to work.

While walking the grounds I noticed a spot which seemed to be waiting for a boat. On the shore by the water you can see some of the "rollers" used when the guys pull a boat out of the water. Once it's in place the small sawhorse, or "cavalletto" is propped under the bow.

Bob Easton took a great series of photos a while back and was gracious enough to send them over so I could post them. To see that post from August, 2008, check out Recent Activity in Squero San Trovaso.


René Seindal said...

Hi Greg, next time you're in Venice go and have a chat with Roberto Tramontin. Its just down the Rio Ognisanti from San Trovaso and I believe Roberto will be happy to show you around and let you see all his old tools and stuff from back when his great-grandfather founded the squero in 1884.

Gondola Greg said...

Great idea.
I've been by there a few times, even spoke at an El Felze meeting once at Tramontin. I like your idea of seeing and learning about the old "tools of Domenico". Maybe we could grab Nereo and all go there together.

Nereo Zane said...

Hey, just drop me a call and I'll be with you!!