Friday, February 12, 2010

photos by Cassandra Mohr
John Kerschbaum and I were working on a few last-minute projects today in the garage when Tim Reinard stopped by to pick up a few remi.
I imported a big box full of new oars a while back, and three of them were for Tim's operation.
He enjoyed unwrapping them, and John and I took in the aroma of Franco Furlanetto's shop where they were made.

As you might expect with the owners of three gondola companies in one room - there were plenty of stories to share (and maybe just a little exaggeration). Tim and I took turns telling John about all the "fun" he missed fighting the elements during the most recent Vogalonga.

Fortunately, Tim brought along a little vino, and what kind of friends would we be to refuse?

Good times with great friends.

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