Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Regata Storica through the lens of Nereo Zane - 4 "March of the 'Desonas"

Rowing clubs love Regata Storica.
Not only are they fans of the races, they often know some of the competitors.

But they also love Venice's historic regata because it gives them an opportunity to roll out their best and shiniest boats.

Not all of the rowing clubs in Venice have these extremely custom craft, but some of the more established clubs have a "desona".

Yes, I must admit, I'm coining a term here. The term "desona" is a word I derived from the latter half of the boat designation.

This one is a "diesona" - which is rowable by up to ten crew members.

Here's The GSVVM's 14-man "Mestrina" - she's a "quattordesona"

And here's the longest of them all - the Querini club's "diisdotona", which can accommodate 18 rowers.

As they make their way down the Grand Canal, they are an incredible sight to see.


Nereo said...

<<... the Querini club's "ottodesona", which can accommodate 18 rowers. >>
The correct name is "disdotona" ;-)
and the term "desona" doesn't exit: the boat is called "gondolon a otto (remi)". BTW: many thanx for posting my photos

Gondola Greg said...
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Gondola Greg said...

Thanks Nereo for pointing that out. I was very tired when I wrote the text for this post. I've since made the change to disdotona.
So if the boat is a "gondolon", then the title of this post might also be "March of the Gondoloni".
Is it just me or does "gondoloni" sound like a kind of pasta?