Monday, September 7, 2009

Pack My Boat!

OK, my friends, it's been a while since I posted a forum here.
As you know, I'll be rowing another expedition soon.
Today's post gives you an opportunity to tell me what I need in the gondola with me.

I'll spend one day on the Misourri River, covering as much water as I can without compromising my safety or the safety of other boaters.

Snacks, charts, and extra dock line are already on my list of things I plan to bring. The list is nearing 25 items at this point.
But what do YOU think I'll need on the expedition.
Sensible, humorous, and clever answers are all appreciated.
Hit me with your best answer, or just throw in something nobody else has mentioned yet.

In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger;


Tamas Feher from Hungary said...

Hello! Important: a handful of business cards. Waterproof money holder, preferrably full of cash and cards, maps, insurance and very clear instructions about your medical condition! Address and phone number of relatives written out.

Collapsible metal anchor with line and chain. Bucket or a carved out plastic bottle to get water out of the boat and a sponge to clean up what that remains.

Compressed air horn for warning, flashlights with loop, spare batteries, mobile phone, GPS, map. Spare oar and hat. Some lifevests if you are asked to row kids at the end of the journey.

Bottled water, dry food, first aid kit, medications. Porta-potty and something to collect urine for treating hands blisters (not very hygienic, but really effective).

Less essential: Accordion or stereo boombox if the spectators want entertainment. A live cat or lion, preferrably winged. Mast, sail and Swatch watch (from the previous blogpost.)

Metal shine and wood wax so the boot will look pristine even at the end of the journey. Mini broom and packed away essentials of parecio, if some dignitary turns up at the destination.

Some merchandise (T-shirts)? Italian dictionary, map of Venice. Fish radar for depth info? Duct tape. Saw, axe, drill, spare wood, screws, nails, firekiller for emergency repairs or making improvised rollers to drag the boat ashore (probably an exaggeration for a one-day trip and who would hack a 30k USD gondola, anyhow)?

All in all, you should have a Navy tender and a hospital ship accompany you and then nothing can hit you unprepared 8-)

That's how I pack and always end up struggling under the volume and weight of things I carry. Ultra-lowcost airlines and their nasty luggage restrictions are a powerful educational aid, however.

Tamas Feher from Hungary said...

Forgot: spare forcola. Possibly a prua forcola, so you can teach rowing duo if someone worthy turns up at the destination?

(Didn't boat blue 6 capsize yesterday due to a broken forcola at the 'Storica?)

Anonymous said...

How about a forcola made by Guiseppe Carli 1968. I just acquired one and I am curious how desirable it is.

Sean Jamieson said...

I could use a forcola.
Where are you?

Anonymous said...

I am in Bremerton Wa. The last gondola up here was decommissioned by the navy three years ago.