Monday, September 7, 2009

Regata Storica 2009

As some of you have already seen, things got excitinng at this year's Regata Storica - even more exciting than usual. Rowers on the blue gondolino experienced a problem with the forward forcola which resulted in a swamped boat and lots of drama.

I would love to have watched it live at home this year, but ended up stranded on the Dutch-Caribbean isle of Curacao on race day.
Yes, I know, rough life.
My usual annual routine has been to station myself in front of my biggest TV and watch the regata, via RAI SAT. Dish Network provides RAI for an extra charge; I watch RAI somewhat regularly, and find it to be very helpful in keeping up what little linguistic skills I do have.

As I sit here in the Miami International Airport, I'm rooting through YouTube and trying to catch some glimpses of the races I missed.
I'm sure there is more to see, but at this point I'm being rushed onto the planne to LA.

Someone has put up a nice collection of clips here:

Check it out for yourself, and comment if you've got other interesting pieces to see or read.

Ciao amici!


Tamas Feher from Hungary said...

> trying to catch some glimpses of the races I missed. <

But you have timer-recorded the entire two hour race and can watch it at home, hopefully?

hiro said...
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Nereo Zane said...

Hi all,
have a look at the Gondola Solidale blog header. More photos will follow soon.